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Our pedagogy works from the essence of Lecoq Pedagogy bringing it closer to the new generations that live in a very changeable society.

We see our teaching like that strong fixed point that allows everything that relies on it to keep on developing.


Our aim in our workshops is to get everyone to discover which are their artistic qualities so that they can become aware of their creative potential.

There is a continuous support ensuring the evolution of each student.

We create a conducive environment so that each person's artistic expression can take place freely by pushing them to the maximum in a respectfull way.

Our training offers its participants a safe environment where they can experiment beyond their limits.

Today, more than ever, we are committed with thetare creation so that, in addition to learning to perform, our students obtain the necessary tools to express themselves by creating their own theater.

We encourage pleasure for technique, respect for work, and the love of the profession.

Necessary work to pave the way for the new artists of this 21st century, developing themselves as professionals so that they create new artistic languages and they establish themselves in the existing ones.

Not only in the theatrical field but also in other artistic expressions, from their personality and their own world view.

We push the student to discover his own qualities as a person and as an artist, maybe still unknown by him/her.

The pedagogy at Estudio Gutim consists in creating an appropriate learning environment for the group while respecting the individuality of each participant.

Each person is different and requires discovering their own path to express what they are and create from their own inner universe.


In our training we pay close attention to the evolution of each student.

We accompany the student by providing them with the necessary tools to become a professional on stage.

Our goal is that each participant can advance from who they are, help them to break their physical and emotional barriers and build from their truth, their needs, enhancing their talents.

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