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Graduated as pedagogue by l'École Internationale de Théâtre LASSAAD - Pedagogía Lecoq -

(The only teacher in Spain having this degree)


Arriba Miguel

Miguel Ángel


Director of Estudio GUTIM

Spain - Italy - Belgium

Teacher in Lille University 3


Trainning experience with 24 different nationalities. 
Workshops in 7 countries.

Spain - Belgium - Italy - France - Switzerland - Mexico - Equator

Teacher in International Ballet School


Teacher in École LASSAAD


Diploma as synergologist by ESSIN.
Discipline of decoding and reading non-conscious and non-verbal communication

Masterclass in Universities in Equator and Spain

Equator - Spain

Madrid , Spain

Body Language in Cinema - COA


Where I come from

My passion for understanding the Human Being and discovering other cultures has always led me to be in continuous movement.

Thanks to my curious nature and my incessant search for what unites and separates us as people, I have lived in 3 different countries and worked in Europe, the Middle East and America training
students of  24 different nationalities.

An experience that made me understand that beyond the barriers created, whether linguistic or cultural, human beings have something precious, not very often taken into account, that allows them to communicate in a universal language, this is their body intelligence.

It is precisely this thirst for understanding how emotions are expressed beyond the verbal and my perseverance and dedication to the world of interpretation that led me to get qualified as a teacher in L'Ecole Internationale de Théâtre LASSAAD and be part of their pedagogical team for several years.

After this experience I decided to create Estudio GUTIM

Currently being the only teacher in Spain certified by l'École LASSAAD to teach the fundamentals of LECOQ Pedagogy.


The beginning

After studying simultaneous transation English-Spanish, I jumped to investigate the Theater from LECOQ Pedagogy, a pedagogy with more than 50 years of history that focuses on a deep study of the body before reaching the use of the word, focusing on the functional, emotional and relational aspect of the human being applying it to the stage focusing on learning the creation process in theater.

This seemingly casual step in my youth changed my perception of theater, starting a path of research as a physical actor that would last a decade working with different theater styles like mask, object theater, burlesque and physical theater, both on stage and in street festivals of different countries Europeans.

After experiencing the magic of moving any audience without having to speak their language, I wanted to return to root.



After this stage as an actor-creator, I returned to the school where I had trained as an actor, Ecole Internationale de Théâtre LASSAAD in Brussels to graduate, this time, as pedagogue and learn the necessary tools to transmit this such a complete and innovative pedagogy of theatrical language as Lecoq Pedagogy is.

Everything together with great Master Lassaâd Saïdi, who worked hand in hand with the precursor of this teaching, Jacques Lecoq.

Immediately after working as his assistant, I became part of his  pedagogical team sharing classrooms with experts in the art of movement, body awareness and the work of Feldenkrais, as Alain d'Ursel,Catherine Delasalle,Norman Taylor and Luc Dewitt.

These years of work in an environment with large doses of creativity and of high professionalism they made me grow like pedagogue and person.

My passion is giving tools to be able to understand better each other,

as an artist and as a person to be professionals with greater creativity.

Working from sincerity with oneself.

Ultimately, to be more alive.

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