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The Mask is undoubtedly one of the main axes in our pedagogy. Not only seen as a theatrical style in itself, but as a pedagogical tool to acquire stage presence and body awareness.

In our training we use the different types of original masks from Lecoq Pedagogy so that stage professionals develop a new perception of themselves and a more organic use of the stage space.

We are the only ones in Spain to use the original Neutral Mask from the Sartori family. Family of Italian mask makers who, together with Jacques Lecoq, created this complex pedagogical mask after years of research.

We believe in the importance of maintaining the root essence that underpins our pedagogical approach.

Thanks to this commitment we keep this pedagogy alive while we continue to evolve and transform ourselves with the aim of being able to continue in contact with the new and different generations to come.


Neutral Mask

It is the fundamental axis of our pedagogy.

Known as the Mask of all masks.

The Neutral Mask prepares the ground before entering into interpretation.

It takes us to know that necessary moment of calm before acting.

Its study allows us to know better our body and eliminate those movements that spoils our performance, improving our stage presence.

It is a key process of self-knowledge and universal truth, highlighting our unconscious bodily blocks and attitudes, making us wiser when approaching the scene, dramaturgy and the creation of characters.


Larval Mask

They are originally from Basel, Switzerland, where they are used in their famous carnival.

Its undefined shape and reduced visibility help us delve deeper into the language of emotions.

They push us to be subtle when interpreting and to seek how to transmit beyond words from a more universal language.

With the Larval Masks we also develop a new dramaturgical approach, working from evidence, symbolism and poetic language.

Jacques Lecoq introduced them into his theater pedagogy and they have taken on a relevant and highly valuable importance in acting training over time.

commedia otavalo 2_edited.jpg

Commedia dell'Arte

Jaques Lecoq, with Amleto Sartori, were the ones who introduced them back into the theater scene after having disappeared from the stage.

The study of Commedia dell'arte is important because of the amount of resources and tools it provides in stage creation:

  • Develop listening on stage and with the audience.

  •  Turns stage movement into part of the acting language

  •  It provides a better ability to improvise and propose dramatic solutions, giving the actor and actress confidence in their interpretation.


We cannot forget Dario Fo, who has so much contributed from his interpretation with the mask and in the study of it.

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